Anna & Michael

Our story

How we met & the proposal

How we met

Michael's side of the story

She was invited to our Church to come minister in songs and I happen to be playing the keys for her. She came up to me and we discussed briefly what list of songs and what the key was going to be, after she did the first part of the worship, I felt the need to choose a different key for her, told her about it but I think she was like, ‘Who does this guy think he is? Making me seem as though I’m struggling!’, She later told me that was exactly what was going on in her head lol… “she said no need”, ‘me I sha kuku no trouble myself, wetin be my own? sebi na you go struggle’, I dont know what thunderbolt hit her because she eventually came back to me and asked for my advice on a more suitable key before she began singing, I was like ‘o jebi’, lol…After service we got talking and found out we were both in the same line of work, hence we had a common thing to talk about, when we were done, our mutual friends Ade and Tosin suggested we all go out for lunch, they drove in their car and I drove with her, we had so much to talk about from movies, to food, to relationships, all these on the first day hehehe… after dinner with my friends, I thought to myself, if I let this girl leave here today, o boy na one chance be i go dey so o, I fit no get this kind opportunity again o, I decided to do what I have never done before in my entire life; ask a girl out barely 8hours after I met her, ofcourse she said the classic give me time to think, women! na lie, dem know wetin dem want but dem go first do shakara, lol… she said she needed time to pray about it, have you prayed about it she ask? I said, I said “I prayed for favour this morning oddly before coming to Church, I guess the Lord just answered my prayers”, to which we both laughed, lol… but long story short, we became an item shortly after, the rest is history.

How we met

Anna's side of the story

My friend Ade had called me one Friday to come and sing at their church service that coming Sunday. I initially told her it was too late notice and I couldn’t make it. However I managed to change things around and called her that I could make it…I was like “You never know who you might meet now”. She told me about the keyboardist who I would need to send my songs to , which I did and proceeded to wait for Sunday to come. I got to the church Sunday and briefly confirmed everything was ok before I started my set. As I started I noticed my key was too high …oops but I carried on anyways as you So now time for the 2nd set and as I approached the keyboardist to select my next songs he was like “I think that last key was too high for you..lets change it”. I looked at him was thought “WHO DOES THIS DUDE THINK HE IS???….Just play jare” Eventually we changed the key and got playing sha and finished the set. After service, I went in to see the pastor and she said she had someone to introduce to me. Intrigued, I indulged her and ask who it was (Normally I would have told her I wasn’t interested) and she said the “KEYBOARDIST” I was like “WHAT!!!!…no thanks” However before I knew it he was right behind me…..So not to be rude, we got talking and actually found out that we have a lot of things in common and the more we spoke the more I enjoyed the conversation (See how God works). My friend Ade and her hubby suggested we go for dinner later that day and whilst I wasn’t intending for Michael to come, secretly..I wanted him to. He was invited and we drove in the same car and got talking some more and it felt as if we had known each other for ages…the conversation was just flowing….from movies we liked to dreams and aspirations. At dinner we continued and afterwards he asked me out…I was like “You’ve known me for like 8 hours. How??” He replied “I prayed for favour this morning and I believe God has answered my prayers.” For some strange reason all I said was “Let me pray about it” and shortly after we started this journey…The rest is history…….

The Proposal

Michael's side

This particular part of this relationship was one of the most difficult one, I struggled with finding the best proposal to give her that wow experience, googled, searched youtube, couldnt find anything that I considered “fit for purpose” lol…Initially I planned having her family and friends over to her place then when she comes back from work, I will be at the door with the beautiful diamond ring and on one knee, then when she comes in, she’s met with family and friends but the modalities of pulling that off was going to be quite compicated considering how dispersed the locations of friends and families were.
The next one was to propose the day we went out with our mutual friend Ade and Tosin to the cinema, I was going to have a message reading “Anna Ewaoluwa Mafoh, will you marry me?” on the screen just before they showed the movie so my friends and I called the cinema to find out what it entails to do that, apparently I would’ve had to have called earlier and walk them through my plans so they can set it up for me; long things and there was no time, besides this cinema things, she might be expecting it and hence not be surprised, lol… Then suddenly it hit me, the foundation of everything is God! I decided to take it to church. Praise the Lord somebody, lol… I had a plan! We were both invited to Ade’s Dad’s Church to help the choir in preparation for their upcoming concert. So I decided to get roses, she loves roses by the way. When Ade, Tosin and myself got to the Church, she had already gotten there, almost scattered the plan, Ade and Tosin had one plan and one only, make sure she doesnt come in to the hall yet until the plan was in place, I decided to involve the members of the choir in the grand plan, she didnt know them yet neither did they her, she escaped Ade and Tosin and came in, so I simply introduced her to the choir as another someone that would be supporting me as I teach the choir, soon after she went out to say hello to the pastor, I decided to set the plan in motion.
I had revealed to the choristers she was the woman I was going to marry and I was going to propose to her that day ( I wasnt sure how they would receive it) but to my surprise they were so elated and wanted to know how to be of help to make it grand. I decided to share the roses among each and everyone of them including the kids that were present as well, everyone was involve, all they had to do was just randomly walk up to her in pastor’s office, give her a hug and offer the rose, telling her congratulations, one of the ladies decided to play Iyawo mi by Timi Dakolo to set the mood, lol…this they did, they went one after the other into pastor’s office dancing, offered her the flower, a hug and the message, everyone had their phones out to capture the moment even our pastor wasnt left out as he had his phone capturing the moment as well.
Suddenly, I heared, “Why i’m I getting flowers?” she was her, lol…after the last person gave her her flower, I came in, went on one knee, she had her head on the table, people had to literally turn her around to look at me, she did while still covering her face. I first offered her my own roses, then opened the box, offered it to her and dropped my flow lol… but she was too shy to look up, lol…then popped the question, “Anna Mafoh will you marry me” she noded, the audience obviously werent satisfied with that, as they all screamed “We cant hear you oooo”, she then said, “Yes” and here we are today.

The Proposal

Anna's side

One Sunday in October, I was to meet up with Michael at his sister church (RCCG Water Of Life) to help with the choir for an event that was coming up. On getting there I saw my friend (Ade) and her hubby and was wondering what they were doing there as neither of them were in the choir (I should have known there was a plan). I quickly brushed the thought off and we got talking. Michael introduced me to the choir and we got started with rehearsals. After a short while, I wondered off to the Pastor’s (Ade’s dad) office to say hi as Michael was busy teaching a song to the choir (or so I thought…I later found out that he was planning something). As I sat in the office gisting, I noticed one of the choir members behind me with a rose (he knew roses where my fav). I was thinking “Huh…these people must be really happy to have me here…lol” As I continues to wonder, so did the after the other until I was holding 11 roses in my hand. By this time I started to scream “Why I’m I getting roses!!” Then I heard this song ‘Iyawo mi” by Timy Dakolo….. I soon knew what was happening so I put my head on the table refusing to look up as I knew I would cry if I did. Everyone then started to move my chair round and beckoning me to open my eyes. When I finally opened my eyes, I saw Michael on his knee with the 12th rose and a box. The crying I was trying not to do, started to happen. With hand over my face, Michael started to say all these things but in all he was saying, all I heard was “Will you marry me?” I couldn’t speak…all I could do was nod my head. I couldn’t believe this was happening especially in Pastor’s office. I looked around and saw all the paparazzi”s including Ade and hubby…hmmm with phones videoing this moment. When all excitement has calmed down Pastor prayed for us. If you had asked me where I would have loved to be proposed to, church definitely would not have been on my list but I’m so glad we started this 2nd phase of our journey there..with prayer.

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